One Point Wireless Suite

Design, Deploy and Manage Wireless Network

We have partnered with the leading wireless solutions providers to provide high speed and intranet access via RF, Fiber and Wimax, corporate private data networks and voice products while maintaining the best service and support in the market. Our’s wireless connectivity solutions are cur­rently hard at work supplying efficient, cost-effective wireless access in more than 10,000 networks in 120 countries around the world. One of the best ways to demonstrate the flexibility and efficiency of wireless technology is to show you how some of our customers around the world are using our solutions to help increase revenue streams, improve safety, increase productivity, create community and enhance the bottom line.


  • Dedicated High Capacity to Multiple Sites – up to 300 Mbps
  • OFDM, MIMO and Antenna Diversity Inside
  • Secured Transmission Performance in Unlicensed Bands
  • Long Range – up to 300 Km in PtP , up to 120 Km in PtMP (Line of Sight)
  • High Availability – 1+1 and SECURE Technology
  • Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO)
  • SIntelligent Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (i-OFDM)
  • Advanced Spectrum Management with Intelligent Dynamic Frequency Selection (i-DFS)
  • Adaptive Modulation
  • Inherent Spatial Diversity
  • Best-in-class radios with the highest system gain in their class

Advanced prediction engines in the One Point Wireless Suite design tools leverage wireless technology’s deep expertise in wireless technology and take the guesswork out of designing each network layer for optimal coverage, capacity and performance. Network designs are then transferred to our management software, which includes innovative new map-based and unified network visualizations that let you see every network node at its actual location and manage your entire wireless network from one screen—including the indoor and outdoor access, distribution and backhaul layers. Real-time device polling and automated alerts enable easier performance verification, security monitoring and faster problem detection and resolution.


Simplifies design of point-to-point links by accurately predicting achievable data rates, taking into account terrain profile and obstructions between links, antenna heights and antenna type/size. Through integration with Google Earth, PTP LINKPlanner allows for exceptional real-world link path visualization of single or multiple link designs.

Wireless Manager

A powerful, flexible and scalable outdoor and indoor network deployment and management solution. Its breakthrough map-based visualization capabilities using embedded Google maps, combined with advanced configuration, provisioning, alerting and reporting features, empower network managers to holistically control the network’s indoor and outdoor access layer, distribution layer and backhaul layer. Indoor management to the access point level is provided via one-click access to the RF Management System.


Helps design and verify outdoor wireless mesh networks and point-to-multipoint backhaul. The tool’s advanced predictive design capabilities automate the process of determining optimum equipment placement while taking into consideration the impact of the physical environment on the wireless signals.

RF Management System

Accepts WLAN designs from LANPlanner and manages WLAN sites, providing real-time heatmaps of by-floor indoor coverage, detailed performance reporting and alert status. Alert status and easy one-click access is provided to the AirDefense solutions console.

LAN Planner

Makes it easier to design and install 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless LANs that deliver maximum performance at minimum cost. LANPlanner makes it easy to import a building layout and site information from a variety of sources, and then uses its embedded library of RF attenuation characteristics to create a site-specific three-dimensional model of the wireless network.

AirDefense Solutions

Provides 24×7 monitoring of your wireless LAN to protect against unauthorized access, safeguards proprietary information and enables compliance with government regulations for protection of personal and financial information such as health and credit card data.