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Business Models

Quality Offshore Solutions

Commercial Model

Fixed Price
We provide customers with a Project Quotation based on the requirements / RFQ and the quote describes in detail the project scope, deliverables and schedule. The payment schedule for a Fixed Price/Fixed Date agreement depends on project milestones and duration. We recommend this model for mid–sized projects with defined scope and aggressive timelines as the risk of cost going up owing to project deviations could be controlled.

Time and Material
In this case the customer is charged at hourly or daily or monthly rates for each employee dedicated to the customer’s project.We recommend this model for mid–sized and large projects which are dynamic and are expected to increase in scope based on business needs. This model provides you with the maximum control over deliverables and the team which works on the project.

Execution Model

Offsite / Offshore
In this model, the complete project development from the finalization of requirements, design, development, testing, and to the final release to the customer is carried out offsite. The customer’s project team does the implementation of the project onsite. If required on certain occasions like design finalization, user acceptance testing, or implementation, the Project Leader / Manager visit onsite.

In this model, the project is carried out completely onsite at the customer’s premises. Highly qualified staffs with good communication skills handle such onsite projects and they are supported well by SIERRA’s experienced managers and technical leads on both domain areas and technical areas.

Onsite + Offsite / Offshore
Typically in this model, the Project Leader / Manager does an onsite system study. Either throughout the project lifecycle or a part of the project life cycle, one of the senior staffs is placed onsite to support onsite fine–tuning / development, project coordination, user acceptance testing, implementation and continuous post implementation. The main project development is handled by a team of developers under the Project Leader / Manager. This is the ideal model for handling large turnkey application software development projects.