In today's competitive business environment, use of audio visual aids has become a necessity for any organization. Most of the modern boardrooms / conference rooms / huddle rooms has undergone major changes through the adaptation of audio visual technology. The use of audio visual technology in boardroom/conference room is helping in improved collaboration, productive meetings and faster decision making. Also, it must be designed to be user friendly and be highly reliable.

We at BLOOM , understand the collaboration needs of modern organizations. Our expert sales and design consultants work closely with organizations to evaluate AV requirements of an organization and ensure right solutions are offered to meet those needs. A typical state-of-the-art AV Solutions in boardroom / conference room / huddle room integrates various technologies like audio, video, display, lighting and system control to function effectively

Feature of our Solutions

  • High definition multimedia projection / Display systems for crystal clear images
  • High definition video conference systems for ease of collaboration
  • Wireless presentation and microphone
    systems for hassle-free presentations
  • Sound reinforcement systems for clarity of speech
  • Interactive display systems for ease of use
  • Visualizer or document camera systems for sharing documents, 3D objects
  • Room booking systems for ease of convenience
  • Preset lighting systems to suit various lighting scenarios
  • Centralised equipment control through intuitive touch panel

Board Room

Conference Room

Huddle Room