Video Analytics

Multi-Advanced Multi-Threading Processing for Accurate and Intelligent Analysis

Videonetics adds sense to surveillance by automatically analysing and extracting meaningful and actionable information from humongous amount of digital video data. Based on a rich set of in-house developed video analytics engines Videonetics's different solutions have been successfully applied in diverse security and surveillance applications such as traffic management, crowd and people management, parking, building, retail and critical infrastructure/object management etc. Introduction of indigenously conceptualized and developed Deep Learning (DL) framework not only improves the performances of the existing analytics, but also paves the way for many new security and surveillance applications. Moreover, incorporation of the DL framework also results in true semantic analysis of the video data compared to syntactical analysis of the existing analytics. These improved and new surveillance applications are cost-effective and require low carbon footprints. Especially developed for tough Indian environment and extensively field-tested, it supports both server-based and edge analytics architecture.

People Monitoring

  • Activity Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • People Loitering
  • Dwelling
  • People Count
  • Zone Monitoring
  • Fence Jumping
  • Laxman Rekha
  • Camera Tampering
  • Face Capture

Object Monitoring

  • Unattended Object
  • Object Removed
  • Object Tampering
  • Left Object
  • Obstruction
  • Color Based Search
  • Color Based Tracking

Traffic Monitoring

  • Crowd Monitoring Suite
  • Vehicle Congestion
  • Parking Violation
  • PTZ Tracking
  • Fixed Camera Handoff & Tracking
  • Vehicle Stopping On Road
  • Vehicle Moving Wrong Way
  • License Plate Capture
  • Traffic Light Violation