Our enterprise application development services focus on building custom applications for unique business needs and processes.

In the 21st Century, speed and agility have become crucial for an organization's success. Businesses need flexible, scalable, component-based, data-centric, security and maintenance-compliant enterprise applications to support quick feature updates, modifications or expansions as and when the need arises. In the current age of digital transformation, as the research firm, Forrester points out - “The software you deploy, and especially the custom software you create, will increasingly be part of your competitive edge.”

Bloom and its experienced specialists offer highly robust, agile and cost-effective enterprise applications to simplify and speed up various business processes, facilitating flawless performance and success.

Our enterprise application services are designed to help clients with their content management, workflow enhancement, document management, business intelligence and mobility requirements. Initially, the business requirements and needs are evaluated and then a highly flexible solution is developed around these requirements using custom programming and latest technologies.

Our Enterprise Application Development services

– Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Solutions)
– Supply Chain Management Applications
– Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions
– E-Governance Solutions
- E-Business Solutions

Application Enhancement

- We help clients to enhance their existing applications according to their business requirements and make these compatible with the latest technologies.

Fresh Applications

- We develop, deploy and support fresh/new applications.

Client-Server Application

- We deliver highly robust and reliable client-server applications to enterprises.

Customized Web Based Applications

- We specialize in developing and deploying web- based applications customized according to the client's specific requirements.

Bloom offers solutions aimed at simplifying various business operations including key functions and transaction processes, allowing the enterprises to concentrate on their business strategies and goals. Since the last decade, Bloom has deployed several successful enterprise applications for its clients across the globe.


- Enterprise Application development.
- Service Oriented Architecture & Middleware Orchestration through ESB.
- Enterprise for integration and business processes management.
- Search Engine Optimization.
- Cloud & SaaS based implementation.
- Intellectual capital development through BI and collaborative tools.


- Accelerating the application integration, reduce risk, and shorten the time it takes for the solution to deliver business value by utilizing existing IT assets to rapidly meet new business needs.
- Defining comprehensive enterprise strategy, evaluates technology alternatives, develop and execute the roadmap based on industry standards and best practices.
- Improved support services designed to lower total cost of ownership and complexity in maintenance.