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Web–based state of the art Point of Sale system

WebBPoS is a web–based state of the art Point of Sale system that delivers the speed and flexibility needed for any kind of retail establishments with multiple sales counters. WebBPoS is designed to help retail businesses with keeping track of customers, items, and sales. WebBPoS extends companies to the Internet or Intranet and provides business owners with real–time decision–making information.

WebBPoS has Procurement Management, Inventory Management and Billing modules and provides interfaces to financial accounting systems.

WebBPoS is well integrated with POS hardware. Though it has thin client / web based architecture, the billing is developed as a Rich internet Application (RIA) to give thick client advantages for quick billing.


  • No client side deployment required as it is web based
  • Checking of Receipts / Issues immediately after stacking to reduce mismatches
  • Multi location Inventory Stacking
  • PDA Applications for PSION / INTERMEC Handhelds


  • Currency Master
  • Item Master
  • Item Spec Group Master
  • Stack Master
  • Transaction Type
  • Production Location Master
  • Ownership Master
  • Supplier Master
  • Delivery Terms
  • Delivery Mode
  • Port
  • UOM


  • Users
  • User Groups
  • Programs
  • Data Archive
  • Global Settings
  • Stick Label Design
  • Pick List Design


  • Receipt from Supplier
  • Production Return
  • Return from Samples
  • Export Sales Return
  • Finished Goods


  • Issues to Production
  • Issue to Export / Sale
  • Return to Supplier
  • Write Off
  • Issue to Samples


  • Transfers
  • QA hold Status
  • Adjust Stack Position


  • Stick Label Printing
  • Pick List Printing

Stock Count

  • Stock Count Entry
  • Stock Count Adjustment


  • Item Stack Location Reference
  • Item Inventory Variance
  • Empty Stack Position Report
  • Write Off Report
  • Item Expiry Report
  • Item Reorder Report
  • Receipts or Issue Reports
       1. Receipts from Supplier
       2. Issue to production
       3. Issue to Export/Sale
       4. Issue to Write Off
       5. Issue to Samples
       6. Returns from Production
       7 Export Sales Return
       8. Finished Goods Receipts
  • Item Availability Report
       1. Item Availability – Location
       2. Item Availability – Item
       3. Item Availability Location Wise
  • Exception Report
       Item on Hold
  • Month to Date Report
  • Graphical Display of Stacks
  • Item Standard Cost Report
  • Item Standard Cost Report (Local Currency)
  • Expired Material List
  • Purchase Order Report
  • Item Usage Report
       1. Regular Item Usage Report
       2. Costing Item Usage Report
       3. Summary Item Usage Report
       4. Receipts
       5. Finished Goods
       6. Spec Group Report

  • Historical Transactions
       1. Historical Transactions – Item
       2. Historical Transactions – Stack Position

  • Pending Purchase Order Repor