Modern enterprises are embracing digitalization as a business model for their network infrastructure, exploring innovative sources of revenue such as IoT, big data analytics, and M2M. The consequent increase in data volumes necessitates an overhaul of existing network infrastructure and the implementation of robust network applications services.

A modern network must be ‘open’ yet secure, agile yet scalable, and easy to govern while supporting real-time upgrades. Organizations must consider emerging technologies, such as the cloud, as part of their digital journeys.

At BLOOM, we have an experience-driven service delivery approach, bridging the gap between advanced tools and tangible outcomes. We are globally recognized for our network transformation initiatives:

  • Ensured customer satisfaction for several OEMs and telcos worldwide
  • Completed 250+ network systems integrations, with 30+ years of experience
  • Named as Gartner Leader (2013) and part of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services (2012)

Network autonomics and orchestration is a core sector for BLOOM when it comes to network infrastructure: our award-winning framework is driven by stringent SLA compliance, proactive monitoring, and 24/7 support.

Our frameworks help customers future-proof their network infrastructure and network applications with an end-to-end portfolio of network services and solutions. The service portfolio encompasses strategy, design, and implementation across a range of requirements and network applications:

  • Software defined DC and WAN
  • Unified communications and collaboration
  • Network automation

Our customers include global services providers, OEMs, and Fortune 500 companies. We adopt the industry's best practices across domains that include network services, setting competitive benchmarks in engineering excellence, commercial and operational expertise, end-user insights, and delivery capabilities.

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Transformational Network Services

Re-architecting your network DNA by envisioning a digital enterprise architecture with SDN, IoT, M2M and the cloud.

Robust network infrastructure is essential for the next- gen enterprises – augmenting IT outcomes, ensuring engagement, and driving business efficiency. However, modern network services have to address several emerging challenges, such as:

  • Dynamic traffic patterns
  • Growing data volumes
  • Increasing bandwidth requirements
  • Disruptive technologies such as Cloud and IoT

With connectivity and dependable network services as their operational backbone, the enterprises must embrace rapid transformation in IT network services that’s augmented by managed network services, and design a hyper-responsive business blueprint. This necessitates a composite transitioning of existing network services, alongside infrastructure upgrade, in-sync with today’s digital economy.

As a result, state-of-the-art network solutions must ensure the following features:

  • Adaptability to technological changes
  • Capabilities for global expansion/increasing geographical reach
  • Centrally managed network services across units
  • Consistent end-user experiences

BLOOM has worked closely with IT leaders for over two decades – initiating digital transformation that is both intrinsic and comprehensive as well as involving network security services. The next generation digital models – that are ‘experience-centric’, ‘service-oriented’ and ‘outcome-based’ – are at the heart of our large-scale network revamp and managed IT services portfolio that also fulfills the need for network applications, telecom managed services, and network managed services. Bolstered by analytics-driven insights, strong industry partnerships, integrated network solutions, cutting-edge execution frameworks, and extensive experience in managed network services, we re-architect existing infrastructure, network applications, and legacy networks, besides telecom infrastructure management.

Our managed network service and secured network services offerings include:

  • Data Centre Transformation – Network Service Node, SDN, and NFV/VNF
  • WAN – SDWAN, iWAN, Cloud-based WAN, cross connect and express route, and SD L2 Backbone
  • Voice and UCaaS - UCaaS, audio/video conferencing, UCC monitoring and analytics, contact center, and Wi-Fi
  • Automation and orchestration solutions - System integration tools, integrated DDI, IP address management, network automation and analytics, API integration, network lifecycle management, task-based automation, and workflow-based automation
  • SDN readiness assessment – Assessment for infrastructure and operational readiness, organizational change planning, and sustainable business realignment

Strategic Network Services

Prudent due diligence, actionable insights, and future-proof consulting services that help clients resolve critical challenges and achieve sustainable business agility.

The process of transitioning to a software-defined and cloud-ready world requires an agile and automated architecture. To ensure that, we have adopted a vision to engineer custom-made rollouts for our clients by ensuring a network architecture which is agile, automated, flexible, and secure. Through our state of the art labs, analytics-based insights, exhaustive technology assessments, and prudent due diligence, our experts have crafted digitally aligned and business-ready strategies.

BLOOM Network Transformation Consulting and Strategic Services aim at helping clients in/with:

  • Defining priority areas
  • Developing a future-ready network architecture
  • Realizing best business outcome
  • Right transformational strategy
  • Realizing true potential of software-defined architectures
  • Employment of new business models in unchartered areas such as IoT, M2M, and Big Data Analytics
  • Industry leading SDN readiness assessment - practical approach through a set of actionable recommendations

We have comprehensive experience in SDWAN, DN, unified communication, Next Generation Contact Center, and Network Automation and Orchestration. These futuristic solutions help our clients design an adaptable and scalable enterprise. Equipped with a strong partner ecosystem (market leaders, visionaries, and innovators), we provide tailored solutions to our clients.

The components of transforming networks include:

Advice –Understanding the set of expectations of the client, assessing the network infrastructure, providing customer relationship management.

Design–Project planning, resource planning, work breakdown structure, logistics planning, network implementation, and support document

Build– Configuration management, end-to-end ownership of complete asset deployment

Run/Manage–Network-wide audits, performance management, network redesigning, relationship beyond the contract

Network Automation & Orchestration Services

Envisaging real-time, proactive, and self-healing networks through use of scripts, tools, and platforms

Propelled by the demands of a dynamic business environment and growing network intricacies, enterprises have entered an era of rapid transformation. IT is transitioning from static, legacy environments to multi-platform and cross-application ecosystems – necessitating a workflow that is resource-efficient, while being flexible. 

As a result, network automation and workflow orchestration have emerged as the core of modern connectivity solutions. Seamless processing of network changes – accurately and without manual intervention – achieves two essential objectives: significantly reduced downtime and timely issue identification. 

At BLOOM, we understand that organizations, irrespective of scale, are striving for agile and lean operations – leading to the increasing rollout of virtualized network infrastructures. Our Network Automation Solutions leverage IT controls to supervise and execute regular network functions, while addressing emerging challenges. With an amalgam of advanced scripts, tools and platforms, our domain experts help achieve seamless network automation and legacy infrastructure overhaul.

Built on Next-gen enterprise operational tenets, BLOOM’s NET is an ‘experience-centric’, ‘service-oriented’, and ‘outcome-based’ network automation framework. Our comprehensive offering encompasses professional and enterprise grade automation requirements. NET achieves experience orchestration across the back-office, middle office and front office – via next gen workflows, tools, and platforms. We deploy artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and cognitive technologies to augment human capabilities.

NET actions end-to-end IT and network task simplification – with user experience optimization and accelerated troubleshooting, while containing operational costs and ensuring business continuity.

BLOOM’s Network Automation and Orchestration Services include:

  • Configuration, compliance, and change management
  • Workflow-based and task-based automation solutions
  • IP address management
  • Integrated DDI and network analytics
  • Auto-remediation and event correlation

Network Operational Services

Exploring new frontiers through automation in service delivery and analytics-based insights for day-to-day operations management.

A successful Next-gen enterprise has its foundations in concrete futuristic vision and robust network synchronicity. At BLOOM, we deploy real time analytics and insights to help enterprises align network systems with business strategy, thereby improving service experience. Our industry-leading Infrastructure Management Services has the experience, talent, and tools to create, run, and manage a redefined IT infrastructure. As part of our Next-gen enterprise data center offering, we provide best-of-breed products for transitioning to next-generation IT services. BLOOM’s solution suite comprises of data center networks, wide area networks, and network automation. Our network management resources are certified across a wide range of technology offerings and have successfully executed network planning and rollouts for high-end clients. Through integrated use automation, centralized delivery, and continuous customer experience management, we ensure best availability, speed, and quality. BLOOM’s managed networks services are governed by stringent service levels, including end-to-end network management, network connectivity, proactive monitoring, and round the clock support. We manage both network operations and service lifecycle for Telcos, OEMs, and Fortune 500 companies. Our range of solutions encompasses designing, provisioning, configuration, problem and quality management, and assurance and optimization services. Since 2012, we have been part of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for COPS. Gartner has testified to the quality of our solutions, thus, “BLOOM should be considered as a managed service provider for all areas of network and communications systems”.

We have an exemplary track record in executing large-scale complex IT requirements across core IT infrastructure towers. Additionally, our extensive investments in IP and industry-leading innovations stand us in good stead to be the ideal partner for networks management.

Our MNS service portfolio includes –

  • SD DC LAN management
  • Hybrid WAN Management
  • Remote WAN, LAN, and WLAN management
  • Remote IP/VoIP
  • Managed IPT/VoIP
  • UCaaS
  • Audio-Video Conferencing
  • UCC monitoring & Analytics
  • Voice and video
  • Contact center
  • Wi-Fi