Auditoriums are constantly evolving and are becoming multi-purpose. This space is used for live concerts/plays, meetings, seminars etc. The AV technology in an auditorium needs to be state-of-the-art for the communication to be effective and impactful. The AV design for the auditorium should be done carefully considering the size of the venue, seating arrangement, acoustics of the space, ambiance lighting etc. Some of the aspects in the design of AV system for an auditorium are the audio needs to be clear to each and every person, the projected image should be of high quality and viewable from every seat, the lighting needs to be controlled according to the session.

We at BLOOM, understand the audio visual facility requirement of modern auditoriums and help organisations to set up a state of the art auditorium facility with latest audio visual technologies. Our design consultants ensure that the modern auditorium requirements such as projection display, sound reinforcement, acoustic treatment, lighting and peripheral connectivity are well understood and right solution is designed to meet expectations of all stake holders.

Feature of our Solutions

  • State-of-the-art solutions for an interactive communication session between the presenter and the audience
  • Innovative, robust and feature rich solutions tailored to suit all requirements
  • All audio-visual devices controlled from one place using a touch panel control
  • Acoustically designed audio system with voice uplifting helps in transmitting your voice naturally across the auditorium
  • Control to provide various lighting scenarios depending on the application
  • Right projection size, lighting conditions to match size of hall to ensure excellent user experience
  • Wireless projection systems for hassle free presentations

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