With our IT project management services, you will save time. Our project managers will undertake the hardest work of coordinating the working process to implement your idea. A project manager can get onboard at any stage of the project, but the biggest success comes when this manager works with the team from the onset of project analysis and estimation.

A Project Manager understands every technical detail well enough to estimate its value for the overall success of the project. The NIX Solutions professional project management services offer:

Coordination of Team Work. Our project manager will:

  • lead the project from analysis and scheduling to support of the released product;
  • determine the requirements, resources and schedule for project implementation;
  • create and maintain technical and project documentation;
  • perform team assessment and evaluation;
  • assign individual responsibilities within the team;
  • manage the day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope control;
  • effectively predict, prevent and/or solve project issues.

Realistic Schedule Creation. Correct estimation of time needed for project implementation is important to keep the project on schedule and within budget.

Software Development Lifecycle Planning. Before starting the project, our managers will provide you with detailed development strategy. Knowing the entire plan, you as a client will be able to make adjustments, track the work in process or manage it yourself, if needed.

Remote Project Management. Our project managers are able to control teams of IT experts scattered all over the world. As the client, you can always follow the development process easily. We use a transparent and secure project management system that prepares daily and/or weekly reports for you to keep an eye on the project.

Project Portfolio Management

Project management practices influence more than individual projects—they affect the overall health of a company’s project portfolio and the ability to advance its overall strategy.

BLOOM can help develop and improve your project management and project portfolio management (PPM) framework, allowing you to prioritize and execute strategic projects that will deliver tangible, sustainable benefits.

Our approach to PPM is to understand your culture and right-size practices to fit your organizational needs, aligning our recommended structure, tools, and processes with your goals and resources.

BLOOM can lead your organization in establishing or enhancing an effective Project Management Office (PMO) and build your project, program, and portfolio management capabilities. If time is of the essence, our Collaborative PMO (cPMO) will rapidly install a world-class team to begin adding value on Day One. BLOOM can also help transform your organization by addressing your company’s strategic direction, strategic alignment, and strategic execution.

BLOOM’s offerings include the following distinctive services:

Strategy Realization Model

  • Establish framework, process, and discipline across an organization to accomplish the essential strategic objectives for success
  • Align finite resources throughout the organization to ensure the most important things get done
  • Enable visibility to project and portfolio performance to ensure realization of organizational benefits

Collaborative PMO

Rapidly deploy a fully staffed, world-class PMO that begins adding value on Day One Scale up or down, or change direction, based on the needs of the business Provide onsite PMO leadership, including management of PM staff, enabling you to focus on your organization’s core competencies

PPM Software Selection & Implementation

Understand goals and requirements of a new software solution Provide an objective short-list of market vendors suited for the organization, scored for alignment to needs and maturity Support the end-to-end implementation of PM/PPM software with project management leadership to ensure maximum adoption and integration with other technology

PMO Enhancement/Implementation

Establish/enhance PM processes, tools, templates, and governance Develop project communication strategies Provide onsite PMO Director leadership, including management of PM staff

PPM Enhancement/Implementation

Align portfolio projects to strategic goals Establish/enhance project prioritization and selection process Develop PPM analysis process, including resource capacity and portfolio balance Provide portfolio management leadership

PPM/PMO Maturity Assessment

Assess current methodologies and tools with a focus on strategy, project management, PPM, and change management practices through a formal assessment process utilizing seven success factors Evaluate the effectiveness of decision-making, communication, and governance Prioritize recommendations and provide a sequenced roadmap for increased growth using BLOOM’s PM maturity model