Help desk

  • Track user queries
  • Identification of service user by name of company and contact
  • Typology of queries
  • Suspension of a query pending an action
  • Approval process
  • User portal for submitting and tracking queries
  • Creation and updates by e-mail
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Query templates

Ticket management

  • Attachment of several tickets to a master ticket
  • Automatic calculation of priority according to impact and urgency
  • Addition of attachments
  • Identification of service and related service items
  • Assignment to a team and agent
  • Automatic update of dates and timers
  • Automatic notification of contacts
  • Action history

Incident management

  • Automatic impact analysis
  • Links with CIs and contacts affected
  • Creation and updates by e-mail

Problem management

  • Links with incidents and changes
  • Database of known errors and FAQ
  • Documentation of workaround
  • Documentation of solution
  • Links between problem and affected CIs
  • Documentation of recurring incidents

Change management

  • Change management with approval process and role (manager, supervisor, etc.)
  • Automatic impact analysis
  • Links with incidents and problems
  • Links between change and affected CIs
  • Documentation of implemented actions
  • Documentation of recovery plan

Service catalog & SLA

  • Management of service catalog and SLA
  • Definition of coverage windows
  • Management of client and vendor contracts
  • Relationships between contracts and CIs
  • Relationships between contracts and contacts
  • Addition of documents