Bloom Enterprise Workflow (BEW)

Bloom Enterprise Workflow provides a common routing and approval engine that facilitates the automation of business processes across the enterprise. BEW was specifically designed to address the requirements of government agencies, so it is particularly well suited for routing mediated transactions across departmental boundaries.

The System would provide a generic workflow-based hierarchical model for approval, where the admin configures the workflow for various departments and the approver.

The system should provide the following workflow configuration:

  • To allow the users to create request for specific access to the applications
  • To allow  the request to be sent to a specific user or a group
  • To allow the request to be approved, rejected or keep the request on hold.
  • Once the request is approved, the workflow should inform the selected pre-defined targeted audience. If the request rejected the system should inform the targeted audience
  • The workflow should allow each request to follow under a specific SLA
  • If the request is not actioned within the SLA, the escalation policy should be applied based on the configuration
  • The system should allow the users to delegate the approval process to other users including their peers, to their supervisors or their reporters.