Video Surveillance

Video+Analytics  is a service that enables video surveillance solutions with BYOD/leased hardware. It empowers a user to access the video footage anywhere and anytime. It is an extremely secure platform offering 24/7 real time access to the records and convenient viewing, storing, retrieving or sharing of the recorded clips. Remote monitoring and automated alerts to the authorized personnel are some of the key features, strengthening the importance of VS in the modern world.

It can be seamlessly integrated with automation controls and other such value added services for premium security.

Supreme Reliability for Mission Critical Applications

Videonetic’s Face Detection and Recognition solutions utilize a powerful and least invasive identification technology that delivers exceptional results for improved security for various applications ranging from law enforcement to customer loyalty management, immigration & border control to simple access control for a building.

State-of-the-art Face Detection & Recognition Algorithm is integrated into the visual computing platform for remarkable results and a trustworthy dependency for mission critical applications.

This technology is unique and is integrated with our VMS and Video Analytics Suite. Faces of people in the scene/entry/exit gates are automatically detected and captured in a face log and can be searched based on the timestamp for future investigation. They can also be matched with a pre-defined face database in order to automatically generate an alert in case of a close match. The technology is robust with respect to the variations in facial expressions, luminance, pose and view angle variation even up to 25 Degrees.