Listening to music or watching movies is an integral part of today’s largely digital way of life. To add value to this lifestyle, we offer a wide array of AV solutions that range from professional 2Ch Audio for audio lovers, garden, multi-room audio/Video, along with 5.1.2 or 7.1.4 immersive Home Theatres with Dolby ATMOS/DTS-X technology and even the brand new, path-breaking AURO 3D 10.1Ch solution.

Every home is different and every customer is different. We dedicate ourselves in designing the latest technology system with love and skills to make your house a masterpiece.We present you AV technology that promises an exhilarating live/theatre experience.

We are well equipped for a turnkey solution. Specialising in immersive technology Home Theatre, all we need is a bare room for a home theatre, to present back a masterpiece that completely relaxes and bring your family & friends together…

Home Theatre