Video wall solutions give power to communicate more effectively with dynamic and engaging messages. These are generally designed for demanding applications with high durability and stringent performance requirement. From communicating information effectively to enhancing ambiance, video walls are the ideal complement to any retail store, lobby, boardroom, or other professional applications. Video wall solutions for control room / network operating centres are mission critical, and there are many crucial factors involved in selecting the right solution.

Applications of video wall

  • Network Operating Centre
  • Control Rooms
  • Reception / Lobby
  • Boardrooms
  • Auditoriums / Convention Centres
  • Broadcast Studios

Feature of our Solutions

  • Electronic information display systems to showcase information
  • Present useful information, images, videos and other messages at an eye catching position
  • Communicate information such as messages, announcements, emergency bulletins and event promotions
  • Helps in way finding and building navigation, including digital maps, building directories, and available student services.
  • Helps in efficient distribution of content over network of multiple displays
  • Central monitoring for easy management