The biggest challenge faced by today's organizations is to find an efficient and effective way to capture, stream, archive and playback the information in video format and important events. Increasingly, the organizations are looking to digitally capture and store information in video format for ease of reference. Live or recorded media are becoming powerful tools for delivering message of CEO to the entire organization, facilitating human resource programs or delivering virtual training across locations.

BLOOM, offers recording, streaming and content management solutions which maximizes the impact, reach and value of media. Our expert design and sales consultants will understand your requirement and develop an appropriate solution.

Feature of our Solutions

  • Capable of capturing and managing classroom lectures, learning resources in full high definition for future reference
  • Ability to broadcast live or recorded content, presentations and announcements
  • Solution to manage content at a loca storage server with ease of access
  • Secure streaming of content through web portal over web
  • Flexible authoring, publishing, and review workflows
  • Support for uploading a wide variety of file types and recording from USB cameras