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Professional Outsourcing

We provide various offshore relationship models for end customers and computer software development companies or partners looking for Outsourced Software Development Services, Outsourced Software Product Development and Outsourced Software Support Services.

Our engagement models are based on your individual needs and span across project based engagements, to building your own – team of dedicated software developers, offshore development center or forming your own software company / subsidiary in India.

Our engagement models include,

Software Project Outsourcing
This is best suited for companies or partners looking at developing and implementing one or more projects looking at a fixed cost model with the requirements defined. Projects of size small to large can be handled and based on the project size and complexity SIERRA’s resources shall be engaged both Onsite and Offsite as required. SIERRA will take complete responsibility in handling the project end–to–end and can work with the partner / end–client as required.

Joint Venture Projects
Joint Venture Relationship as a concept and phenomenon is aimed strictly at leveraging strengths of the partners involved to create a new organization that provides the cumulative strength of all the involved stake holders. These relationships empower organizations to foray into new business realms and also achieve deeper and wider penetration in existing realms of operation.

SIERRA provides the technical skills, infrastructure and resources for development of a project or a product or to form a new group of resources focusing on a specific area or business opportunity.

Shared & Dedicated Offshore Resources
The dedicated offshore resources model can be selected when the end customer or partner does the overall project management and wants to make use of resources of defined skill sets. This model is very flexible and very useful in case of projects that do not have frozen requirements and requires changes based on the implementation of the projects. This model can be extended as required and the company takes care of the backup and continuity of the resources. This model can also be used by partners to develop software products as it allows assignment of tasks to the resources on a daily/weekly basis, engaging resources for research and development (R&D), testing etc.

The Shared Offshore Resources model can be used when full time engagement of resources is not required for cost reduction.

Build & Transfer
This model helps software companies / end clients wanting to setup their own offshore development facilities in India. SIERRA helps by starting to work on requirements, develop a set of resources to handle the operations, manage and provide stability and later register a new offshore subsidiary for the customer, transfer assets and handover operations.