BLOOM  INFOSOL’s online examination system is fully customizable to suit your need. Having served both top-notch educational institutions and corporate, our online exams system has proved its quality.

Given BLOOM ’S vast experience in the Indian environment and having conducted computer based entrance examination successfully over the last 5 years, BLOOM  has a complete understanding of the ground realities of conducting large scale, high-stakes, online examinations across centers in India.

While BLOOM  has comprehensive and unparalleled understanding of region wise differences in infrastructure, internet connectivity issues, it has also successfully demonstrated adherence to security standards desired for high-stakes examinations in India.

BLOOM  has its own dedicated centers in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Trivandrum, with the state-of-art-infrastructure and a capacity to conduct assessments across several locations in the country. With increasing patronage from existing clients and commitments from prospective clients, BLOOM  has plans to expand such facilities in the years to come to meet the growing demands in capacities.

BLOOM  has conducted several entrance / selection exams for Governments and Public Sector Units and is fully aware of the implications of accountability in the Indian context.


BLOOM  realizes the importance of security and confidentiality of question papers and answer scripts. eXam Questions is an intranet/web based comprehensive online Test application developed by Bloom  Infosol with features that address the requirements of a very wide range of test situations.

The candidates use eXam online Tests conducted at multiple centres simultaneously.

Since eXam online test mirrors real-life test taking scenarios, it can easily be incorporated into any testing process with no or very minor modifications either on the application side or on the process side.

Exam Online consists of different activities that address each of the different parts of the Test process :

  1. Online Registration
  2. Question Bank Management
  3. Question Paper Creation
  4. Remote server hosted at a fully-secure best-in-class data centre
  5. Test Software
  6. Logs of all events for audit trails
  7. Exam progress monitoring
  8. Result processing

These modules are integrated and easy-to-use with a consistent Web interface across the application.

We Provide Two Modes of Examination Setup

If you have assessment and certifications to offer then you need not go beyond the Assessments service from NSEIT Limited.

LAN-based Delivery

NSEIT provides LAN-based examination system, geared specifically to handle large volume, high stakes examinations – these are typically Entrance Examinations, Recruitment examinations , critical Certification Examinations which are conducted either State wise or across the country.

Features of LAN-based model are:  

  • Offers a Single Session candidate Seat Capacity of 4.30 + lakhs across India – if Tests are to be conducted outside India too we can make similar arrangements.
  • LAN based delivery reduces the dependence on Internet Connectivity as the Exam is conducted on the LAN itself with every Test center having its own local server
  • All LAN based delivery exams
  • Center Sanitization and Readiness is done 1-2 days in advance to the test date to ensure flawless delivery on the Test date
  • The Test Paper generated is encrypted & decrypted using 256 SSL so it cannot be hacked.
  • The Software security controls include Role based , User Authentication.
  • Dashboard facility provided for a real-time update of the activities at the examination center drilled down upto the candidate level
  • Our Systems have adequate Disaster Recovery and Risk Mitigation measures in place.

Internet-based Delivery

Our Internet based model of delivery has also been developed in-house by our Software team and is ideal for clients whose requirement includes year -long Test delivery , Certification Exams, Employee Assessments , smaller volume test delivery across Corporate, Educational Institutes and Government Organizations.

These types of exams can be delivered either in our Test centers or in the Self-service mode at the client location.

Features of Internet-based models are:  

  • Secure Platform with all security checks in place to ensure the software cannot be hacked.
  • The Test engine platform is user friendly and easy to user
  • Our team provides detailed training at the start to the clients who opt to use our engine in the self –service mode.
  • Clients have Admin access to login and view the various reports customized specific to the client requirement regarding the Candidate details, test score reports and performance